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The department started with less than twenty (20) students in 2010.At present, we have about 80 students at both 100 and 200 levels in the department. The number of students is few because of limited space and human resources. The appointment of Mr. Kayode E. ADEBISI, B.Sc.,M.Sc.,Ph.D (in view), Cert. CDP, MNISEB, MNSBMB as the first Head of Biochemistry department [October 18, 2010 till date] was announced on Monday, 18th October, 2010 by the renowned and distinguished academic, Professor D.O.KOLAWOLE, Provost of the College of Pure and Applied Sciences. The composition of the pioneer resourceful and dedicated academic staff members was also announced on the same day and they are Mr. Kayode E. ADEBISI, Mr. Kehinde J. AKINTUNDE, Mr. Ayodeji L.QUADRI (resigned) and Mrs Abiodun R.OYEGOKE (resigned). The department is committed to high standard of teaching and research. We shall equally expose our students to practical programmes through SIWES and supervision of independent research project work.