Kwara State University

Centre for Business Taxation



One of our objectives is to deliver expert and relevant academic education at undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels in taxation and related subjects. We offer together with the relevant Departments in the University the 4 year Bachelor of Applied Taxation (Honours) degree, the 5 year Bachelor of Applied Taxation and Accounting (Combined Honours) degree and the 5 year Bachelor of Applied Taxation and Legal Studies (Combined Honours) degree.

We also offer other Diploma and Certificate programmes in which taxation is a key component.

Delivery of Degree courses in Applied Taxation
These are intensive and varied degree programmes designed to meet academic and professional requirements in an increasingly complex taxation environment. Together with modules on business taxation, international tax issues and revenue law, there is a significant focus on social administration & tax, and on risk management and governance in the public and private sectors.

These Honours degree programmes will add to the tax profession technical capacity to:

  • Compete with the ever-increasing complexity of national and international taxation.
  • Provide first class service to clients, particularly those involved in larger and more complex areas.
  • Harness professional expertise to critically examine, challenge and address developments within business which may legally or otherwise strive to circumvent or undermine the objectives of tax legislation.
  • Support the tax profession in ensuring our tax legislation is effective and robust.