The College of Engineering is reviewing, revising, and reinvigorating the strategy, and developing a new plan for leadership and success in engineering and technology under the theme “Engineering for community development.” The result is contained in this document. We start by defining our vision, mission, and goals. We then present our values — the principles and qualities to which we collectively aspire. The KWASU College of Engineering and Technology basic objective is to educate the next generation of scientists and technologists with the capacity to solve real problems and provide leadership that can lead to the economic and social transformation of Kwara State.  As such, the goal is to promote a strong foundation in “the fundamentals”, a deep understanding of the research frontiers within an interdisciplinary framework, and an orientation towards entrepreneurship and/or service that can lead to the continuous development of Kwara State. With this as a foundation, we describe five interdisciplinary departmental areas of research and education that present both grand challenges and grand opportunities for the state, for the nation, and for the world.


These five departments define not only the present, but, more importantly, the future of our College. We will build and strengthen our capabilities so that we can continue to contribute to these complex multidisciplinary problems. The five departments are:

  1. Aeronautics and Astronautics
  2. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  3. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  4. Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  5. Material Science and Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering