Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Bioengineering is one of the foundation departments established when the College of Engineering and Technology, was set up in 2009.

At inception the department was to run three programmes at the undergraduate level. These were Food Engineering; Agricultural Engineering; and Food Science and Technology. The Department is striving to be among the most popular departments in the University through the development of curriculum and training methods that are responsive to the needs of the society.

To contribute towards the attainment of the national goal of food security through the application of science and technology.

Training of competent future leaders who are worthy in character and sound judgment for the agro-industrial sector and the application of all aspects of engineering towards providing solution to global food security and economic problems.

i.    To produce graduates with sufficient knowledge to apply engineering principle to the practice of agriculture including mechanization, crop preservation and storage, irrigation and drainage, farm structures and rural electrification.
ii.    To train engineers with sufficiently broad-based knowledge to tackle day-to-day agricultural engineering problems and continuously relate their acquired skills to the needs of the society.
iii.    To produce graduates through a well established training facility and curriculum which reflect professionalism in Agricultural Engineering Practice
iv.    To produce graduates that are versatile in the operation, maintenance and repair of labour saving equipment that are used in Agriculture and systems/processes that minimize environmental degradation.