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  • Welcome

    The centre for Sponsored Project extends a hearty welcome to all Kwara State University Staff and a cordial invitation to call us, or come in and talk to us about your plans for obtaining grants and contracts to support your research, creative activity, public service and instructional projects The Centre for Sponsored Projects (CSP) is responsible for a broad range of pre- and post award activities that relate to research funding. The CSP is expected to interface with university staff to facilitate grants and contracts planning, program and administration, and serve as the single point of contact in this regard. The CSP is assigned a group of Departments, Centres, Institutes and Colleges. CSP must review all grant proposals for consistency with University and sponsor policies and assure that the information and financial proposal are revised accordingly. In addition, CSP serves as an Institutional liaison with sponsoring agencies

  • Who are we?

    We are committed to supporting research institutions like ours. The business of research is unique. Full of possibilities, yet charged with challenges. Centre for Sponsored Projects restricts its functionalities on the following: A comprehensive research information management system to enable evidence-based decisions and collaboration, simplify administration, and optimize impact. Ready-to-use tools to analyze the world of research, and to establish, execute and evaluate optimized strategies for the research organization. Find researchers with specific areas of expertise for collaboration and demonstrate researchersí activities to the research community. Maximize your chances for award success by finding the best funding opportunities and reviewing awarded grant histories.