Step by Step Guide for 2018/2019 Academic Session (Payments and Registration) for Fresher and Returning Students

Post on 06 August 2018
  • For Returning Students, DO NOT use the old portal for 2018/2019 payments and course registration. Click on
  • All fresh and returning students are to visit to pay and register for 2018/2019 academic session
  • For fresh students, (100 Level), the email address used at the point of Post Jamb Application is your Username. Your surname is the Password (note that it is case sensitive, it can be in block letters or small letters).
  • For returning students, (200 Level, 300 Level, 400Level and 500 Level), your Matriculation Number is your Username. Your surname is the Password (small letters)
  • For returning students, Upon Login, You will be redirected to update your Bio-data information. Endeavour to fill appropriately.
  • For returning students, Update Sponsor information, Parent/Guardian information. Do not use your own information here, use your sponsor/parent/guardian email address, phone number etc.
  • For returning students, update next of kin information.
  • For returning students, Declaration- Upload a scanned copy of your signature, check box to indicate you agree, then click on submit.

You are now on your dashboard. The dashboard displays the student’s name, brief welcome note, session, programme, department, level, student number, semester, College and programme option.

  • On the far left of the menu list, click on the payment menu, then click on “Pay School Fee”. Check the fee items to be paid. At the far right bottom of the page, the total amount would be displayed.

  • Click on “make payment”. You are encouraged to use a Mastercard. Please DO NOT make direct transfers (Account to Account) into the School's Account. Please PAY through the link provided by clicking on the “MAKE PAYMENT”
  • “Confirm School Fee to Pay” page displays. Go through the checked items for correctness and thoroughly read the instructions beneath the page, you may wish to print the invoice with its value. Do not pay into bank or pay direct money to anybody. The School is not liable for any money paid into any bank or anybody. Also keep a copy of your payment slip which will be printed after you are done supplying all your details. After you have confirmed the fee item, click on “Pay Now”.

  • After clicking on “Pay Now”, a message displays “payment processing”, then you’ll be taken to Interswitch payment platform and will be required to “select your card type”
  • “Select Mastercard Naira Debit”.

  • Input your Mastercard number, expiry date, card pin CVC2 (the numbers at the back of your Mastercard).
  • Ensure your card is enabled for online transactions and the daily POS limit must be larger than the amount you want to pay on the portal. Then click on “Pay”.
  • Input the code sent to your mobile phone by your Bank, or token code generated through your bank issued token.

Should payment be unsuccessful after you have been debited, click on “Payments” menu on the far left, underneath it, click on “payments transaction” go to the failed transaction and on the far left, click on “re-query”.

  • Make sure you re-query failed transactions before initiating another payment.
  • Receipts for successful transaction is printable, click on “Print Receipt” button, which is beside re-query.
  • After successfully making your payment, you’ll be notified on your screen that, “Successful payment. You can now proceed to attend classes. Do check back for your Course Registration”.
  • To logout, go to the far right, just beside the University logo, then click on logout.

For Returning Students, Your old portal still remain intact for checking your previous level results and all other information, it will still be available for that purpose. DO NOT use the old portal for 2018/2019 payments and course registration.