KWASU not Victimising Students

Post on 18 February 2020

The attention of Kwara State University, Malete, has been drawn to a video making the rounds on social media that a former student of the University, Mariam  Muhammed, was allegedly wrongfully withdrawn by the Institution.

The Management of Kwara State University wishes to set the record straight with the following facts:

Mariam Muhammed with Matriculation Number 12/27AC/302 was admitted to study Accounting in the year 2012.

In the year 2017, it was discovered that a staff of the University was involved in upgrading of result for some students through a syndicate. This prompted an investigation into the case.The affected staff has been dismissed and the decision upheld by the National Industrial Court of Nigeria.

After thorough investigation, KWASU’s Disciplinary Committee invited the affected students.The aforementioned student was invited,queried and given fair hearing after which the committee carried out thorough investigation on all alleged cases, exploring all avenues.

Mariam Muhammed was found culpable of result falsification as two of her grades were found to have been tampered with. It was discovered that there was a discrepancy between the score recorded for her as “original score” and what was on the result sheet collected by the committee.

Based on the aforementioned, the Senate of the University withdrew the B.Sc. degree in Accounting awarded to Mariam Mohammed.

This is in line with the Oath of Matriculation sworn by all students, to faithfully observe all rules and regulation which are in force in the University.

Kwara State University wishes to assure the public that it remains an Institution committed to upholding skills and integrity and turning out students who have distinguished themselves in scholarship and importantly in character.


Hamidat Sulyman Yusuf

A.g. Director, University Relations