Performing arts department sensitises KWASU and malete communities on Lassa Fever and corona virus

Post on 11 March 2020

To further Kwara State University’s community development efforts, the Performing Arts Department of the University in conjunction with KWASU Health Services and the Centre for Community Development organised an awareness programme to sensitise KWASU Community and residents of Malate community and its environs on the causes, symptoms, handling and prevention of Lassa Fever and the Corona virus.

Held on the 3rd and 4th of March 2020 in Pilot Primary School, Malete and  KWASU Auditorium, respectively, the awareness programme featured two drama skits performed by the Performing Arts Department.

The Drama performed at the Pilot School Malete on the 3rd of March 2020 titled “Ogun Asotele”, was presented in Yoruba language and it educated its audience on the importance of not eating food contaminated by rodent droppings as this was the major avenue through which Lassa fever can be contacted.

Keeping their immediate environment free from rats, storing food in rodent-proof containers, sensitisation on signs and symptoms of Lassa fever as well as the need for early medical intervention in suspected cases were issues highlighted in the play.

Titled “To Be Forewarned” the drama sketch performed at the KWASU Auditorium on the 4th of March 2020 delved into the corona virus pandemic. The drama sketch explained where the virus originated from, how the virus is spread and the possible need to quarantine people who have the virus or have come in contact with persons with the virus.

The Director of KWASU medical services, Dr. Nimat Idris who was present to give health talks on the diseases, emphasised the need for environmental and personal hygiene as a first line of defence against these diseases.

While addressing staff and students present in the KWASU Auditorium, Dr. Idris stressed that there was no known cure for Corona Virus yet and preventive measures were needed to guard against it.

She urged the audience to inculcate the habit of washing their hands with soap and water several times a day and also to use hand sanitisers if availiable.

She also advised them to stay away from crowded places like clubs as much as possible