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Welcome and thank you for your great interest in the Institute of Education (IOE) at KWASU. Our Institute combines small classes, high quality instruction, and research based best practices, which all are grounded in local schools, classrooms and community settings. Our academic and non-academic staff is our greatest asset we have to offer you. Each is enormously talented in their area of expertise and is...


About The Director, Institute of Education

Olaiya E. Aina, Ph.D. (Alberta) Professor and Director, Institute of Education at KWASU, Malete, Ilorin. Professor Olaiya Aina is a Visiting Professor of Early Childhood Education and the former Provost, College of Education at KWASU. He is currently the Director, Institute of Education at KWASU.  Professor Aina is also a Professor in the Division of Curriculum and Instruction at California State University, Los Angeles.  Olaiya is a ...


The Establishment of IOE in Kwara State University

For a number of years now, Kwara State College of Education has been running Sandwich Degree Programmes with the aim of producing professionally qualified and competent teachers who could teach in different subject areas both in the Primary and Secondary School within the communities in the State. The Programmes offered in the College were in particular targeted towards serving teachers with National Certificate of Education (NCE)...


Our Philosophy


The philosophy of the Institute of Education is the promotion of manpower development to meet the challenging needs of our educational institutions particularly primary and secondary schools.

Our Vision


Our vision is the development of world class educators to lead a diverse community of learners toward an understanding of and active participation in a highly complex world. In doing so, we seek to be a community of diverse teacher leaders who ensure exemplary learning and wellness opportunities for all individuals.

Conceptual Framework


The overarching theme of KWASU Institute of Education's conceptual framework is "Making the Teaching—Learning Connection." As our theme, Making the Teaching and Learning Connection, demonstrates, we highly value learning: our own learning, candidate learning, and, foremost, student learning.

2017 Admission into KWASU Sandwich Degree Programmes

Application forms are now available on-line for suitably qualified candidates for admission into the following KWASU Sandwich Degree Programmes for 2017 Contact Session.


Internal and External Advertisement Computer Operator

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the position of Computer Operator in the Institute of Education Read more...

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