Welcome to the Department of Special Education, Kwara State University, Malete.

The Department of Special Education is specifically designed to train specialist teachers who will work in schools and in the communities as Learning and Behaviour Strategists helping to identify various barriers to learning and providing various forms of interventions targeted at pupils, parents and the contexts of these. These specialist teachers are also trained to ensure that all school pupils are included in the teaching learning processes of their schools in efforts at responding to the nation’s democratic principle of equal educational opportunity for all Nigerian children.
This Students’ Handbook provides detailed information about the vision, philosophy, goals and objectives as well as members of staff of the department and student advisers. A history of the department is also provided.
The Department of Special Education Students’ Handbook details out the descriptions of the courses offered in the undergraduate programme of the department. The handbook, therefore, serves as a guide for students regarding courses to register for and the regulations governing the programme. Students are also expected to take some general education courses outside of the department as well as courses in General Studies in order to satisfy the requirements for graduation with a bachelor’s degree of B.Sc. Education in Special Education.
The Department wishes all students a happy stay and success in their academic pursuits at the Kwara State University, Malete, Nigeria.