ISN 400  Professional Practice II   (3)                                                                                   

This is a full term, full-time student teaching assignment, supervised by a departmental academic staff, in an inclusive school setting where a student works with students with learning disabilities and/or emotional/behavioural disorders.  Ideally, where feasible one-half of a student’s time (three weeks) would be in a primary school and one-half (three weeks) would be in a secondary school.  A portfolio of experiences is required, as well as regular meetings with the departmental supervisor.  The supervising teacher or teachers are to provide weekly feedback to both the student and the departmental supervisor on a Professional Practice Student Teaching Rating Scale.

ISN 401  Professionalism and Ethics with Special Needs Individuals (2)            

The professional practice standards that guide special educators’ work with children/adolescents with disabilities and their families, which is the content of this course, includes:  attention to legalities of the special education delivery system of one’s employ;  ethical considerations such as confidentiality and not exceeding one’s limits of knowledge and skill; awareness of how personal attitudes, behaviors, and ways of communicating influence one’s work and its impact on children/adolescents and their families; engagement in professional activities and lifelong learning communities that benefit individuals with special needs and their families; and commitment to knowledge of and use of the most current evidence-based practices.

ISN 402  Career and Transition Planning for Special Needs Individuals (2)        

Students with learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders need attention in their curricula to preparing each for productivity, citizenship, and stability in adulthood.  This course is to provide guidance to the future teacher to methodologies known to promote such independence.  Also to be addressed are issues for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who require lifelong supervision and meaningful participation in society at their level of capability, as well as employment options for individuals of normal intellectual ability who are hearing impaired, visually impaired, and/or physically disabled.

ISN 403  Action Research Project (Independent Study) (4)                                              

Students have been exposed to a wide variety of strategies for addressing the instructional and behavioral needs of students with special needs.  This course will allow a student to choose one or more of these strategies, then plan and implement an action research project of at least eight weeks in length after having established an appropriate research question or questions and after designing a reasonable methodology that includes triangulation of data.  This project is to be supervised by a faculty member and results in a thesis-type manuscript with these chapters: Introduction, Review of the Literature, Methodology, Results, and Discussion.

ISN 404  Learners with communication disorders           (3)                           

Course contents include: definition of speech, language and communication, prevalence, language disorders – classification, speech disorders: phonological disorders, articulation disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorders, and motor – speech disorders. Educational considerations and early intervention strategies will be discussed.

ISN 405   Assessment – Based Decision making   (3)                                                    

This course avails students the understanding of the concept of assessment as an integral part of the instructional process, various assessment procedures, identifying students with disabilities and determining their eligibility for special services, how assessment process can be used to make instructional decisions, roles of the inclusion specialists in the instructional decision – making process, how assessment process is used to determine if a child is qualified for special education services.

ISN 406 Assessment of Specific Emotional or Behavioural Disorders (Practical) (3) 

This course exposes students to practically assess pupils/ children with emotional or behavioural disorders in the child’s clinic or in their various schools, using different assessment and diagnostic modalities and tools. Reports of their assessment procedures, remediation strategies and recommendations to parents and teachers, would be submitted for evaluation and scoring as part of their final examinations.