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Èṣù Ẹlẹgbára

Change, Chance, Uncertainty in Yoruba Mythology
By Ayọdele Ogundipẹ

Èṣù is arguably the least understood of all the numerous deities in Yoruba pantheon, despite is being venerated by the devotees as the Yoruba gatekeeper god, messenger f the deities, and close associate and errand boy of Ifá, god of divination; one who brings both fear and joy to his devotees, because brings both blessing and trouble to them.  
Ayọdele Ogundipẹ’s objective in this insightful book has been to provide a better understanding of the most ubiquitous deity in Yoruba pantheon, an objective which is brilliantly achieved. The author’s extensive field work involved close interactions with the leaders and votaries of the Èṣù traditional worship in the Yoruba Diaspora, particularly in Dahomey, now Benin Republic and Brazil.
Several praise poems of Èṣù in the original Yoruba language, aptly translated into English by the author, as well as several mythological stories about the deity, told by the worshippers and reliable informants, form part of this work.
The author, Professor Ayọdele Ogundipẹ, currently teaches in the Department of Sociology, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State.

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