Kwara State University.


Departments of Languages and Literary Studies

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Welcome to the department of Languages and Literary Studies


The Department of Languages and Literary Studies was established in 2009, at the inception of theUniversity as the Department of Languages and Linguistics with Professor Femi Abodunrin as the first Head of Department. The University separated the linguistics programme to form a new Department of Linguistics and African Languages in 2011 with the Department renamed as theDepartment of Languages and Literary Studies. The Department now accommodates the B.A. English Language and Literature and the B. A. Arabic Language and Literature Programmes.

Objective of the programme

  • To produce students who can compete with their peers through-out the world.
  • To enhance manpower in the field of language and literature using different modern theories.
  • To produce graduate that will be major players in language and literature matters.
  • To train students to become world class scholars in different aspect of language and literature.


  • The Department runs two degree

    B.A English with Language or Literature option and B.A Arabic Studies with Language and Literature options. In addition to these degree programmes, we also run the following GNS courses – Use of English, French, Arabic Studies, Spanish, and Portuguese.  We also hope to add the degree programme in French soon..

  • The Philosophy

    The Department is determined to train students for degrees in English Studies with language or Literature emphasis. The philosophy is centred on excellence in language and literary studies  and to be a citadel excellence, engaging in collaborations with scholars across the globe through training of graduates who possess high level of competence in every aspect of language skills.