The Department of Material Science and Engineering of Kwara State University (KWASU) is timely and can provide a unique forum for KWASU to be at the forefront of Technological Development in Nigeria and the world at large. It would provide an opportunity for Kwara State, and indeed, Nigeria to take stock of the abundant mineral resources available to them with a view to providing the raw materials necessary for industrial development and hence, a reduction of our dependence on imported raw materials for production and replacement of parts. The end result is high productivity, employment opportunities, reduction in excessive forex usage, economic buoyancy and self-sufficient graduates.

Material Science is an interdisciplinary program that takes its roots in the basic sciences- Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and involves the processing of the raw materials for application in all engineering fields. Material Science and Engineering therefore addresses areas of physical metallurgy/mechanical metallurgy, process metallurgy and non-metallic/inorganic materials and polymers. Physical/ Mechanical Metallurgy permit modification of materials properties to suite one’s intended use through mechanical and thermal treatment relating to the atomic, electronic and defect structures at micro levels. Such knowledge is needed to assist in engineering design and applications.