If you are seeking a fruitful career in university administration, you are guaranteed a fulfilling career at the Kwara State University; we assume that you already have an understanding of what our vision and mission are and, therefore, prepared to align with our culture of dynamism, innovation and creativity with the view to excel in all facets. The Kwara State University is dedicated to delivering high quality services at all times and emphasizes high level standards for every staffer irrespective of schedule.

Our values:  

  1. Responsiveness: Highest possible responsiveness to all stakeholders for maximum satisfaction
  2. Team work: we are an integrated efficient entity, fit for purpose
  3. Accountability: we hold ourselves responsible for our performance and always strive to achieve results.
  4. Welfare and Ethics: every member of staff is important and our mannerisms ethical.
  5. Transparency: Our projections are crystal clear, what you see is been what you get.


Newly Employed

So you have been employed by Kwara State University? Congratulations on your new appointment! Here are the first important steps you take in documenting your staff membership:

  1. You are required to come with 5 passport photographs and 2 postage stamps of N50.00K each to the Human Resources Division of the Registry Department for proper documentation, after which your letter of appointment will be handed over to you.
  2.  Immediately you collect the original copy of your letter of appointment, having appended your signature and stated proof of collection, 3 forms will be given to you. Upon completion of filling these forms, you are expected to return them to collection point. The forms are:

    1.  Assumption of Duty Form

    2.  Medical Form, and

                            3.  Personal Information Form
  3. On the same day, 3 University booklets will be given to you:

    1.    The Kwara State University Career Structure

    2.     The Kwara State University Code of Conduct

    3.     The Kwara State University Condition of Service (for junior or senior staff as the case may be)

  4. Note that the signature of new employee’s Head of Department must be appended on all Assumption of Duty forms, after which forms must be submitted to officers at collection point.
  5. Note also, that submission of “Assumption of Duty” forms depends solely on the new employee’s desired time to assume duty, it may be submitted independently of other forms should you desire to assume duty immediately, so that salary processing may begin also.
  6. An important part of documentation, the medical form is to be taken by self to the University Health Unit, where medical fitness test is carried out on the new employee. Once medical result is released, it will be conveyed by new employee from the clinic to the same point of collection; you are required to submit a copy of the medical report to the Human Resources Division of the Registry Department.