About Registry


The Registry Department as the hub of the university administration is charged with providing services for the day-to-day administration of the institution.

The Registrar is the head of the Registry Department and under the Law establishing the university is responsible, to the Vice-Chancellor, for the day-to-day administration of the University, other than financial matters.  In addition the Registrar is the Secretary to the Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation.

The Department has, in the past year, been restructured to reflect the blueprint of the Council’s approved 5-year development plan of the University which recognises the following divisions:


1.  Academic Division

The division serves the Senate, Senate Business Committee and other committees. It facilitates university admissions and examinations, keeps students’ records, and handles students’ registration, matriculation/convocation ceremonies and other ceremonials, issuance of transcripts, statement of results and certificates.

Students’ Handbook (link)


2.  Human Resources Division

The division is a service division responsible for staff recruitment, promotion of teaching and non-teaching staff, secretariat to the Appointments and Promotions Committee, and Departmental and Recruitment Committees. Other services include staff training and re-training, conferences and workshops, pension matters, NYSC affairs (link), disciplinary matters and general welfare of staff.

Code of Conduct (link)

Career Progression (link)


3. Council Division

The division is responsible for servicing the meetings of Council and its committees. These committees include; the Finance and General Purposes Committee (F & GP), Tenders Committee, Staff Disciplinary Committee and other committees as may be constituted by the Council. The division prepares Council papers, minutes and decision extracts.


4.  Student Affairs Division

The division is responsible for students’ welfare including assistance with hostel accommodation, provision of guidance and counselling services, registration and monitoring of students’ organizations, financial aid, organisation and conduct of students’ elections, appointments of students’ representatives to the various standing boards and committees of the University, mobilization of students for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The Dean of Students’ Affairs, who is appointed by the Vice-chancellor on tenure basis, is also the executive head of the division, while the administrative head is a senior member of staff in the Registry Department.


5.  Other Responsibilities in the Registry

The secretariats of the following academic programmes are currently domiciled in the Registry Department:

  1. Postgraduate Studies Council 
  2. Malete Film Village (link)
  3. Centre for Entrepreneurship
  4. SIWES (link)

The Registry Department, as presently constituted is positioned to respond to the University’s changing needs and challenges in the coming years.  A lot of emphases are being placed on the training and development of the Registry Staff through one-on-one job mentoring by superior officers, administrative officers’ forum, workshops organised by the Registry Department and attendance at conferences and workshops organised by the Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators (ANUPA) and other bodies.  The Registry staff also benefit from the IT Training programmes organised by the Centre for Innovative Technology from time to time.