Global Justification

All over the world, universities have established business schools for the efficient and effective administration of business and management programmes as distinct from programmes in the humanities. Based on the fact that the survival of businesses around the world has been significantly dependent on the quality of management of the world businesses, the onus to supply world-class manpower has taken the fore-front in virtually all world class universities. The evidence of this is found in the attached list of business schools in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In proposing the establishment of the School of Business and Governance in Kwara State University, a careful study of the best Business Schools in the above listed parts of the world was embarked upon. As a university desirous of attaining a world class status, we cannot continue to ignore world best practices of coordinating and ensuring effective delivery of academic imperative. This therefore further establishes the fact that this proposal is just appropriate to set up a business school for Kwara State University in line with expected developmental global pattern.


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