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Mrs F.E. Wahab

Outdoor Catering (ODC)

Mr A.B. Gold

Outdoor Catering (ODC)

Mr M.A. Usman

Outdoor Catering (ODC)

Mr O. Odetundun

Assistant Tour Coordinator

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Level Advisers

Academic members of staff shall be assigned as Level Advisers to each academic level in accordance with the number of levels in the Department i.e. 100-400 Levels. The Level Advisers shall monitor the students' progress, keep records of all courses and combinations that the students are required to take in order to graduate, advise the students on nonacademic issues as well as any other responsibilities assigned by the Department.

Mr R.A. Salami     100 - Level adviser, Departmental Secretary.

Mrs M.O. Falabi    200 - Level adviser and Departmental Tour Coordinator.

Mrs O.A. Fagbolu 300 - Level Adviser, Students Association Adviser.