History of the Centre

Centre for Documentation and Archiving is one of the Centres established through the innovative ideas of the Vice Chancellor, Prof.AbdulRasheed Na’Allah in April, 2018.Upon the establishment of the Centre, Dr Binta A. Sulyman was appointed as the Director. The Centre was established for the gathering of Historical Manuscripts of important personalities and individuals, Artefacts ,display of works of arts and documentation of relevant historical materials and activities and archiving documents that have accumulated over the course of an individual or organisation lifetime to show their functions. The centre is also entrusted with carrying out interviews with important personalities both old and young within and outside Nigeria.
Furthermore, the centre has three main divisions, that is, the Museum which is responsible for display of notable art works, Gallery for the display of photographs and art works of various landmarks and personalities and Archiving to keep records of various historical activities on paper and electronically. The centre is located on the Pent Floor of CP1 of KWASU Main Library Complex.