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Linguistics and Prehistory

African archaeology

Centralized decision-making creates conflict if it contemplates only one language-in-education model for all without considering variation in language use - Fafunwa et al. 1989
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Communication Theory and Cultural Hegemony

internal colonization

imperial dominions

the uncoupling of system and lifeworld

colonial overstretch

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Digital Reconstruction of African Mother-tongue Languages

Mother tongue languages are very much important to people because they have associative relationship with cultures and customs which define who we are as people. relationship with cultures and customs which define who we are as people. Failure to speak one's mother tongue languages threatens the languages and there is a tendency the languages are annihilated over time. People are also feeling neglected because they are being forced to...

Our Aim

The aim is to build a digital repository for African mother tongue languages , to ease the study of their relationship, and discover the patterns that are similar to them all.

The research explores the intersection of digital tools and methods with one or more artefacts, cultural expressions or processes studied in the humanities or interpretative social sciences.

Our Mission

  • To archive languages for research analysis
  • To provide accessibility to languages
  • To create a platform to demonstrate the prehistoric origins of each language
  • To create a language map with peculiar cultural heritage
  • To ensure that each language lives freely and uncategorized for rediscovery of similarities and differences

Our Purpose

  • The analytical report can be used to trace the prehistory of African race
  • It can serve as the basis for the reproducible analysis in language categorization and dialecticism
  • For easy reference and documentation
  • The modeling of literary contexts; the formation of identities through online activities;
  • The exploration of the relationship between verbal description and visual representation;

  • Prof AbdulRasheed Na'Allah
    Vice Chancellor
  • Mr. Abdulkabir Tola Ojulari
    Member | Digital Humanist
  • Engr. Lateef Rahaman
    Member | Digital Humanist
  • Mr. Seun S. Akinfenwa
    Member | Digital Humanist
  • Mrs. Hassanat Y. Bello
    Coordinator | Digital Humanist


About Us

Centre for Digital Archive of African Mother Tongue Languages is a newly established centre, created to serve as the repository of languages in Sub-Saharan Africa. CDAAMTL studies the associative relationship among languages and de-systematizes the language hierarchy while...