Faculty History

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Kwara State University, aims to educate the next generation of scientists, technologists and engineers with the capacity to solve real problems and provide leadership that can lead to the economic and social transformation of Kwara State and the world at large. As such, the goal is to promote a strong foundation in “the fundamentals”, a deep understanding of the research frontiers within an interdisciplinary framework, and an orientation towards entrepreneurship and/or service that can lead to the continuous development of the graduates.

At the undergraduate level, our goal is to provide the best and the brightest students with an interdisciplinary education, while preparing them for future leadership and success in the game of life. The curriculum is not limited to excellence in mathematics, science and engineering, but blended with requirements in ethics and philosophy, arts and culture, as well as business and finance. It is also intended to provide a means whereby students, while acquiring knowledge of engineering methods, can pursue their interests in areas of natural and environmental science.

Every undergraduate student will be required to engage in community service and wherever possible, industrial attachment that will prepare them to work in the real world. The students will also be required to prepare a one year long senior thesis/project that will expose them to research methodologies.

The content of this write-up is a summary of the mission/vision and curricula for the college of engineering and technology of Kwara State University (KWASU) to acquaint both new and returning students with:

Academic operational guidelines to make for easy planning by the students during their undergraduate study;

Admission and graduation requirements;

Registration, scoring and grading of courses including calculation of their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and

Social ethics within the university community.

The College mission is to develop into national resources that will continue to support the development of Nigeria, its economic diversification to make it responsive to the needs of government, industry and society. Thus, the College will provide:
(a)    State-of-art technological and engineering training that prepares the graduates for responsibilities of the workplace.
(b)    Qualified and competent Engineers in such areas of specialization as – Structural Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Highways and Transportation Engineering, Foundation/Geotechnical Engineering Construction Management, Agricultural Machinery, Food Engineering, Biological Engineering, Food Processing, Power Engineering, Software Engineering, Control Engineering, Computer Systems Technology, Corrosion Technology, Extractive Metallurgy, Production Engineering, Aerospace vehicle design and Maintenance Technology, Fluid Engineering, Foundry Technology, Materials development and modelling.
(c)    Appropriate research activities, and, hence, produce the most sought-after engineers by all employers of labour, post graduate schools and research institutions.
(d)    Industry-institution linkages for mutually beneficial relationships.
(e)    A Centre of Excellence in Engineering and Technology in Africa where expertise and facilities to accelerate the pace of industrial development can be provided.

The vision of the college is to become one of the best College of Engineering and Technology in Nigerian with national and international acclaim. It will be a College where the advancement of engineering and technology is continuously dynamic. Its graduates will become very capable and environmental-friendly engineers who would be relevant in the public and private sectors of the economy for rapid industrialization and development of Nigeria.