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About Us

As part of the activities of the second Kwara State University’s conference on Africa Cinema (2014), the Vice Chancellor, Prof. AbdulRasheed Na’Allah, inaugurated a committee to see to the establishment of the centre for Nollywood studies at the university.

The centre is to be the theory arm of Malete film village and in the year 2015 the centre for Nollywood and New Media in Africa (CiNNeMA) was established with Prof. Onookome Okome as the Associate Director of the centre and Dr. Carmen McCain as the First Ag. Director of the centre.  The centre has since being living up to its mandate as a focal point for generating theories around Nollywood. CiNNeMA is committed to reading local cultural practice as a part of global cultural trend. Thus Nollywood is studied in larger context as an example of revolution of new media in Africa. The centre has organised series of film screenings, seminars, and conference. In each of this event the centre bring together filmmakers and film scholars, generating the needed synergy between scholarship and practice of film in Nigeria. The centre  hassince its creation been able to attract great scholars and filmmakers such as Prof. Frank Ukadike, Prof. Hyginus Ekwuazi, Prof. Ken Harrow, Prof. Jonathan Haynes, Chris Nnaji, Simon Peacemaker, Emamodeviefe Edosio Deelen, Adeola Osunkojo, Ronke Macaulay and a host of others. All of these activities have helpbroaden the horizon of students and researchers.