Innovative Technology

What do we do?

Software Development

System Repair

Portal Management

Network and Internet Facilities



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Global Innovation

Solution Architecture

Centralized decision-making creates conflict if it contemplates only one language-in-education model for all without considering variation in language use - Fafunwa et al. 1989
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Research Studies

Requirement Engineering

Software Development Lifecycle

Rapid Application Development

Control flow Process Complexity

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Innovative Technology

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), is an extended synonym, an umbrella term which contains both Information Technology (IT) as well as Communications Technology under its fold. In fact, it is a very broad term used to refer to the literally infinite areas of scientific studies and techniques used in the handling of telecommunications; media management and broadcast; intelligent systems; data handling, processing, storage and transmission; network based solutions; as well as audio visual monitoring processes...

Our Vision

Our vision is to support the University in becoming a top rated academic institution ranked among the best in the whole world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop, support and harness information and communication technology tools and resources for the teaching, research and all administrative functionalities of the University.

Our Purpose

Is to create online and media presence and ensure Kwara State University is globally represented and known for academic excellence which has been our focus.

  • Hassana Bello
  • Musbau Ogundipe
    Head| NOC
  • Lateef Rahaman
    Head | CRC
  • Surajudeen Abdulrazaq
    Head | Software Unit
  • Mr. Teslim Balogun
    Proj. Mgr | PBRSSA


About Us

Centre for Innovative Technology is the heart of Kwara State University