Brief history of the Centre

The Centre for Oral Traditions in Africa (COTA) is the brain child of the First Vice Chancellor of Kwara State University, Professor AbdulRasheed Na’Allah and Late Professor Abíọ́lá Ìrèlé. Through their indefatigable efforts and in their belief  that African cultures and traditions are vital for Africa’s development, they created a strong foundation for the establishment of the centre.

The aims and objectives of the centre are therefore many fold;

  1. Collection, preservation, maintenance and dissemination of oral traditions and the arts of kwara state.
  2. Documentation, transcription and translation of the collected oral traditions and objects.
  3. Planning, coordinating and implementing the department’s activities and responsibilities.
  4. Showcasing the State’s artifacts, oral histories, music and 
  5. Training and mentoring students in the field of oral traditions.

Since its creation in 2010, the centre has conducted series of interviews and collected a number of artifacts including traditional songs, performances and musical instruments. Some of these collections have already been transcribed and translated. In addition, the centre has also organized series of performances involving traditional musicians and poets on campus. In 2011 and 2012, the centre organized a successful workshop and an  International conference in the areas of cultural preservation, promotion and education.