Lecturers warned against publication in unreliable journals

Post on 18 March 2020

The Provost, College of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences, Kwara State University, Malete, Professor Abdulkabir Soliu has warned lecturers from publishing in unreliable and unscholarly journals. According to him, some of these journals are predatory and fake.

Professor Soliu stated this at the College Assembly for staff of the College on Wednesday 26th February, 2020.

The Provost noted that predatory journals can be identified through lack of transparency exemplified by an invitation to enter a contract without knowing fully its terms and conditions.

He added that such journals lack traceable contacts neither were their places of publication known.

Professor Soliu said unreliable and unscholarly journals lack focus, have fake impact factors, publish hastily to be credible and have questionable number of publications.

He explained that the college assembly is a forum to interact and engage with staff of other departments of the college, to reflect on performance and chart the way forward as well as to update the staff on the new direction of the College and the University.

The Provost noted that the College being the largest in the University has 31.7% of staff strength and 33.8% of student strength.