Mission & Vision

The Centre’s vision is:

to be the favourite port of call for students and scholars of indigenous languages in a linguistically enlightened nation where no major indigenous language is subordinate to any other language anywhere within its very own exclusive native environment.

Its mission is to:

(1)    propose, undertake, or coordinate basic or applied research on Nigerian languages, and widely disseminate the findings of such research including through publication in hard and soft copies;
(2)    undertake in collaboration with external funding agencies thorough and comprehensive enrichment or modernisation of as many indigenous Nigerian languages as may be thought necessary or desirable;
(3)    advise and assist Governments desiring it with the implementation of the language provisions of the Nigerian Constitution;
(4)    organise lectures, seminars, symposia, or training workshops for, among others, suitable or selected members of Nigerian communities desiring to have their individual indigenous languages developed;
(5)    undertake L1 and L2 language material development as may be necessary or desired;
(6)    open its facilities temporarily, as and when desired, to accredited students or scholars from elsewhere working on Nigerian indigenous languages; and
(7)    liaise and cooperate with other centres, institutes, or institutions concerned with indigenous languages.