History of the Centre

The Centre is based on campus in a purpose-built, detached, and sprawling bungalow of a brick building that is designed to be completed in three phases. It enjoys full Wi-Fi coverage day and night, seven days a week. When fully completed, it will contain a fairly large seminar room/conference hall, several offices/work rooms, a data recording studio, a large common room or lounge, plus furnished living quarters to be made available, at moderate rates determined by the University, to researchers from other institutions in Nigeria and elsewhere. On rare occasions when such rooms are all occupied, appropriate staff of the Centre or of the University will help guests to find suitable alternative accommodation in hostels or hotels in town.

The Centre’s skeletal staff is currently housed in the first completed phase of the building. There, it is headed by a Director, who reports directly to the Vice Chancellor. Its current Director, a volunteer member of the University, is Prof. Ọladele Awobuluyi, formerly of the University of Ilọrin, Ilọrin, Kwara State, and Adekunle Ajaṣin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State. He is assisted in the day-to-day running of the Centre by a Deputy Director in the person of Dr. Hakeem Ọlawale of the Department of Linguistics, African and European Languages, and also by a Secretary. Other categories of staff are expected to join the Centre as the need arises.