Research Activities

Each researcher based in the Centre, or associated with it, freely chooses the language he or she wishes to work on, and works on it either alone or in collaboration with one or more interested researchers within the University or in other universities or comparable institutions in Nigeria, Africa, or farther afield.

Funding for such work may come from the University if the relevant project is small enough or, preferably, from outside sources approached directly by the researcher within or outside Nigeria.

The Centre maintains the following three registers for research, namely, (a) proposed research, (b) ongoing research, and (c) completed research. Proposed research covers research proposals that are either still being actively contemplated or have already been submitted for consideration. Ongoing research covers proposals that have already been approved and are currently being worked upon. Finally, completed research serves both to inform interested members of the general public and to also guide would-be researchers in their contemplated choice of areas of research concentration.

The Centre also contemplates creating a register of past research on Nigerian languages, culled and conveniently assembled in one site from appropriate and available old books as well as from degree projects, essays, and dissertations in universities. The hope is, through such a register, to inform researchers worldwide as to the degree and type of work that has already been done on any Nigerian language concerned, thereby avoiding unnecessary duplication of efforts.

(The webmaster is to please create web sites for the above four categories of research register.)