Proposed Research

1.    “A Proposal for Developing Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba for Use at All Levels of Education and Governance”(Web master, place this proposal online and add a link to it here)

Remarks: The proposal has already been written but is, on advice, to be disassembled into three language-specific proposals for Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Those proposals will be submitted to the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) in Abuja for funding. If that Commission declines them for operational reasons (as feared), then they will go through the Federal Ministry of Education to the Federal Government. If funded, the relevant project will be carried out under the national supervision and coordination of Prof. Ọladele Awobuluyi at RCNL in KWASU, and under the regional supervision of Prof. Salisu A Yakasai at UDU, Sokoto, for Hausa, Prof. Boniface M Mbah at UNN, Nsukka, for Igbo, and Prof. Solomon O Oyetade at UI, Ibadan, for Yoruba.

2.    “Native Speakers’ Attitudes to Hausa/Igbo/Yoruba”
Remarks: This kind of research is desired and sorely needed,to serve for historical purposes in the future and to also provide for now comprehensive empirical evidence (as opposed to the largely anecdotal evidence currently available) in further support of the proposal in 1 above. It is recommended to be done for each language by a well-trained and well-supervised Sociolinguistics doctoral candidate based in the country.

3.    “Hausa/Igbo/Yoruba Reference Grammar”
Remarks: Such reference works are desirable for native speakers and nonnative speakers needing guidance on specific details of the structure of each of the three languages. Given continued good health, Prof. Ọladele Awobuluyi of RCNL, KWASU, would seem well placed to undertake the desired exercise for Yoruba, given his past works, both published and unpublished, on the phonology, morphology, and grammar of the language. Well-informed volunteers with proven track records of high quality publications on Hausa and Igbo are required for the corresponding exercise for these two languages. 

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