Mission & Vision

-    Obsessed with Common Attitudes, Behaviours and Value Orientation of Entrepreneurship (Hard work, Dignity, Perseverance, Integrity, innovativeness, Competitiveness, Dissatisfaction with status quo, the drive to excel, etc)
-    Acquainted with the Entrepreneurship Process which is driven by opportunities, leadership and teaming, resource parsimony as well as creativity that fit and balance in an integrated and holistic manner
-    Creators of Businesses and Employment rather than seekers of employment in businesses
-    Successful Generations of Entrepreneurs that will change and shape the future economy of the state and the nation
-    The Pride of Kwara State University in the years to come

 “to produce a corps of successful entrepreneurs/leaders driven by intense commitment and determined perseverance, innovation, integrity and competitive desire to excel, by seeking opportunities and making a difference in the final outcomes of their ventures and lives in the global environment”