Aims & Objectives


  1. To ensure credible people are employed into the service of the University
  2. To ensure that the University admit students with genuine certificates in order to protect the image of the University.
  3. To protect students and staff from any kind of harassment( sexual harassment)
  4. To improve and promote ethical values among staff and students.

OUR OBJECTIVES( our roles)

  1. Vetting of credentials of staff and students especially those seeking employment and as well as those seeking for admission. This is very essential in other to ensure that qualified staff and students are recruited with genuine certificates
  2. Investigate all cases of sexual harassment between lecturers and students as well as other unethical behaviors
  3. Investigate cases of falsification of results/grades
  4. provide victim support services
  5. provide adequate orientation for students on regular basis
  6. Vetting of results and state of origins of prospective students.

Contact Info

Kwara State University, Malete.